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NASHqp's News

Posted by NASHqp - June 22nd, 2022

Hello, NASHqp here!

I'm here to let you fans know that I am always available on email in Google Hangouts / Mail / Meet, so feel free to DM me anything or just talk to me about anything. I'll appreciate it if you did!

My email is: originalnashqp@gmail.com



Posted by NASHqp - May 19th, 2022

The I AM NASH album will feature a story featuring NASH, who will have to face his own fears to find his real name. The story comes from a novel that I'm currently working on. Each song in the album gives off a tone of the arc in the story; each representing different emotions, scenes, and even more! Here is a little taste of the storyline.

The story goes like this:

So far, NASH's family dies in a fire and he is the sole survivor of the incident. NASH is found by the God of Death, who carries him to the Underworld. Death gave NASH another chance to live under one condition, to become the next candidate for God of Death. Other candidates didn't like NASH; they taunted him, tortured him, and framed him.

Eventually, NASH had enough of these torments, so he left the Underworld and took on the Overworld.

Novel version:

I used to have a family… a real family. Though I don’t remember much of what happened the time I was really alive- some memories of the family I had stuck to me then and now. And whenever I remember it, melancholy strikes a stab at the heart, and sour and salty tears form on my eyes and flood on my cheeks. At times like these, I always have thought to myself, “When will I stop feeling these moments in my life?” But no matter what, most questions were left unanswered.

These past nine years were pure hell to go through. Living without one another, left with silence and waste, but not left to rot. Even when I rot, I wasn’t left nor was left to die. I just couldn’t die. Thinking of such diminishing thoughts would leave me no further in life… oh how life can be so cruel. Breathing in this so-called “air” and drowning from the inside-out… Have I reached the surface yet?

To get to the point, I identify myself as Nash. I couldn’t speak of my age so to keep my legacy well kept and safe. I am sort of a human in a degree, like the temperature of hot and cold battling against each other, not ever decreasing or increasing. The fire and passion that I have embedded in and out of my soul never burnt out, like the flame was eternal. I still lived, as literally dead as I can be… apparently Death himself chose me. But the decision of Death wasn’t left to the grim reapers, it as in itself chose me.

What does it mean to be chosen, they ask?

Was it worth it, they may also ask?

And before I go throughout each and every day of my life, and as the clock ticks, my memories begin to fade away. I had to write my memories. I have felt compelled to write some sort of book, as humans say the purpose of the book is to keep note of your history. Getting to the point won’t get me or anyone anywhere. This and my book with an aura filled of both prophecy and mystery, someone might as well be informed of anything I say. Thou my story shall be spoken to the world… as it must even go on when I pass.

To all who read this… my story begins now.

I am excited to see where my mind goes to!

And if anybody wants to collab with me, email me at originalnashqp@gmail.com, where I will talk to you at Google Hangouts!



Posted by NASHqp - May 14th, 2022

I'm going to continue short wip posting



Posted by NASHqp - May 10th, 2022

Soo... as you can read from my title, I just noticed that my songs are too short. I'll try to post full songs, and only full songs from now on. Let me know if you actually would rather me keep posting short songs and WIPs.



Posted by NASHqp - January 30th, 2022

Feet have many different uses

One use of a feet is to use feet to make music

The end thank you for reading



Posted by NASHqp - October 26th, 2021

So three things happened from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Today is Tuesday and I am currently suffering.

  1. The fence on my backyard broke due to a rocky cyclone so that was pretty fun while it lasted.
  2. Then a dog came- and I came back to feed the dog because he was starving.
  3. I ordered a bubble milk tea with three toppings. My bubble milk tea I ordered came with only one topping.

This week sucks and I am still alive ok



Posted by NASHqp - March 30th, 2021

NASHqp - Undercover is OUT NOW!

NASHqp - Uncover (newgrounds.com)

And also, R.I.P Michigun



Posted by NASHqp - February 11th, 2021

It's me, NASHqp... again!

2021... a new year!


  • Speenos (Full Version) coming out soon! (R.I.P GD Peenos - will miss ya!)
  • Back at my Roblox account (OfficialNASHqp)
  • Going to make some full versions of some of my songs considered 'too short'

Don't forget to stay 2x safe! :D


Posted by NASHqp - January 30th, 2021

1 million songs yo pogger


Posted by NASHqp - November 15th, 2020

It's me, NASHqp!

2020 has been a tough year since the quarantine started would wish your lives well. (and yes, I'm doing pretty well)

The news I will share will be through bullet-points below.


  • Some older songs will not be finished (especially the Stalemate (VIP)).

  • More 8-bit / dubstep songs might be started and the more recent ones in progress, I will try to finish late winter.
  • Published a handful of songs to Newgrounds (here), so go check them out!

  • I won't be too active much because of personal and academical stuff (like school and family activities), meaning songs will be published later than expected. I will have more time at winter break (if there really is one).

  • Most of my songs are now usable in Geometry Dash!

Don't forget to stay safe! :D